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Hosted by Valerie Morehouse

Valerie Morehouse, a celebrity vocal coach (Sia, the Chainsmokers, Ozzy Osbourne, Jeff Bridges and more) is joined in each episode with world class musicians, songwriters, actors, and more to discuss how they use their voice to build and sustain an influential platform in a creative industry with a landscape that is always changing and evolving.

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Real Conversations


Watch Episode 1: Tom Ellis (Lucifer on Netflix)

Episode Description:

Actor Tom Ellis (Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ & ‘Queen America’ on Facebook Watch) sits down with Valerie Morehouse (Vocal Coach/Host) on LipRoll as they discuss how singing became a core attribute of his character '“Lucifer Morningstar”. Tom Ellis also shares with us his roots in music, and how he hopes it will help pave a way to Broadway.


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A Brand New Docu-Series

Coming Soon: Ildefonso x LipRoll are producing a brand new Docu-Series in conjuction with the video podcast. With guests like Noah Cyrus, Joe Buck and Harvey Mason Jr., Valerie goes deeper into her process as a celebrity vocal coach working with influential clients in the entertainment industry. From recording studios to NFL football games, Valerie is constantly on the road preparing her clients to elevate to their maximum potential.


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